Discovery Clinics

Age: 9-12•2 practices/week, 6-16 week programs

Our Discovery Clinics are a great intro to both triathlon and KKT as a group. We offer three-four clinics per year that shift focus seasonally. In the fall and winter this group does a run-only focus which aims to build general fitness but also develop overall movement patterns and skills through strength based games and activities. As the weather improves the bike gets added in the spring and summer. A great skill and fitness based program for any athlete, triathlete or not! 


Pathway to Performance Group

Age: 12-14 •2 practices/week

Our 'Pathway to Performance' program aims to develop athletes within the performance stream but who are not quite developmentally ready for the full performance group due to age, skill level etc. This program remains focused on skill development and overall physical literacy but it begins to introduce a more structured training plan and some more specified training tools to the athletes. This group will have some joint practices with our 'Performance' group and has the option to sign up for our KKT Swim program (see below).


Performance Group

Age: 14-16 • 3 practices/week

Our 'Performance' program aims to develop athletes who have specific goals within the triathlon season and are on the pathway to racing Junior Elite when they become of age. While the program remains focused on overall athlete development these athletes follow a structured training program and are strongly encouraged to partake in our swim program (see below). 


Swim Program

5 times/week• Optional addition to both the Pathway to performance and the performance group

Our swim program is a complimentary addition to the training programs for both our 'Pathway to Performance' and our 'Performance' group. This program offers a minimum of 5 swim options per week and is a strength and technical based swim program. We highly recommend that athletes are involved in our swim program particularly those in the 'Performance' group as it compliments our run and bike programs and offers a more triathlon-specialized swim program to that found in a swim club.


Our Yearly Programs:

With the exception of our Discovery clinics, our programs are based on a yearly cycle. Fall programs are run and swim only programs. This is a great part of the year to unload the athletes a little bit and focus on overall base fitness and strength.  Our Spring programs which start in the new year begin to add in the bike and focus on some more triathlon and race specific skills.  



Get in touch with us to find out more and join in for a few free sessions with the group!