KKT: Sport for life


Kelly's Kids Triathlon (KKT) was founded by Kelly Guest in 2003 with the goal of exposing young athletes to the sport of triathlon. As a former Canadian National Triathlon Team member, Kelly’s goal was to create a program where young athletes had a structured approach to their training and racing while still in their developmental years. The program has been widely recognized in Canada for creating opportunities for youth to participate and excel in triathlon. KKT has produced a number of National level athletes today who have gone on to represent Canada on some of the biggest stages in the sport. At its core, KKT is all about developing great athletes and exceptional people.

Coaching Philosophy

One of the highest priorities of our coaching philosophy is sport for life. To us, Sport For Life means that fitness and healthy living is a constant throughout life at all ages and ability levels. At its most basic, the idea is to “just get out, be active and have fun”.

Personal Excellence is defined as the desire to do the best that a person is capable of. Not everyone can or wants to be an Olympian but everyone can take pride and enjoyment in their best effort. Sport should be exciting and through sport and fitness we can all challenge ourselves to strive higher and be better.

Fun is the easiest part of sport and yet one of the most fundamental aspects of sport. If we enjoy something we do it more often or have more of it in our lives. Sport should have that appeal for everyone on their own level!